Audi in the footsteps of Tesla. Electric vehicles

Audi in the footsteps of Tesla. Electric vehicles

Volkswagen’s premium brand intends to catch up on electric vehicles by investing 1 billion euros per year.

The future Audi through electric. After the e-tron technology, rechargeable hybrid cars available on the A3 and Q7 crossover, Volkswagen’s premium brand is preparing to put the package on the electric car. A strategy that is part of the plan for the coming decade presented Wednesday by the president of Audi, Rupert Stadler.

This is obviously to turn the page of fake diesel engines but not only. Audi also wants to catch up on the market of high-end electric car. It comes in the way of Tesla, which was launched first in this segment. Note that all German brands are getting into. Before Audi, BMW and Mercedes have already revealed their ambitions in this area.

An annual budget of one billion euros

This is the first concrete example of the overhaul of the company’s strategy after the scandal Dieselgate revealed last September. The brand’s objective is that 25% of its sales are electric cars. To achieve this, Audi will devote € 1 billion per year. This is one third of its annual budget on R & D.

In the automotive sector in general, electrical technology will become inevitable. Already in China, many cities gradually prohibit vehicles with a combustion engine. An approach that has put in place some countries like Norway.

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