Because Apple is delayed. The Apple project “Titan”

Because Apple is delayed. The Apple project “Titan”

The huge project “Titan” Apple begins to lag, according to The Information, generally well informed.

Major project at Apple: under its code-name “Titan” hides a team of a thousand engineers working on a branded car of an apple. This project would start slowly, but surely, to fall behind. Originally planned for 2020, the launch of the connected car / electric / standalone Apple was eventually postponed to 2021 in 5 years so.

The causes for the delay are not known, but we imagine that developing a car from scratch, without experience in the field, is not a thin to do. The car’s software would require a lot of work, it would be able to handle the car in its entirety. We expected no less from a car developed by Apple.

The overall project itself remains unclear. The positioning of the car and its functions are still part of headed mysteries. Some spoke of a luxury car like Tesla can do it with models sold between 60,000 and € 150,000 depending on model and configuration. Others speak of a “premium” car, but more affordable. After all, even if Apple products are expensive, they are accessible to many people.

The car was also presented as completely autonomous and electric, but it seems unlikely that Apple manages to offer a car 100% independent in 5 years, when we see the situation of other manufacturers.

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