BMW: premium pickup future ahead?

BMW: premium pickup future ahead?

It seems that BMW is considering marketing a pickup, a first in the history of the Bavarian manufacturer, which could follow the example of Mercedes-Benz will be launching a premium pickup.

In the automotive world, the April fish rarely become reality, but this time, this may well be the case with BMW …


April Fools behind the BMW M3 Pickup Concept

April 1, 2011, the German manufacturer presented, as a April Fool, a concept BMW M3 Pick-up: a modified M3 with a loading bucket at the back, like sports coupes transformed into pickups that are found for example in Holden and Ford in Australia. BMW has even gone as far to roll its M3 Pick-up on the Nürburgring, causing a sensation among fans of the brand.

At the time, BMW executives said it was unlikely that a pickup million born in the range, until today, when Marc Werner, director of BMW in Australia, Motoring told the magazine that he “never say never” and that BMW is seriously considering this option. With the necessary caution, Werner said, “it is easier for Mercedes to do so because they already have vans and commercial vehicles, we have not. It will be harder for us, but we’ll see how Benz will. ”


Premium Pick-ups: competition is already underway

Information to be taken lightly, as they are inconsistent with the claims of Hendrik von Kuenheim, Director of BMW Asia areas, Pacific and South Africa, who said last year that BMW will not produce pickup.

Recall that in the competition, a premium pick-up Mercedes-Benz is in preparation, and was officially announced for launch before 2020. A desire to grow quite in tune with the market, in order to conquer, not customers American, already well supplied pick-ups, but motorists Latin America, Africa, Oceania, but also in Europe.

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