Ferrari F12Berlinetta test review

Ferrari F12Berlinetta test review

With 740 horsepower, a sharp chassis and a very elaborate aerodynamics, Ferrari F12 aims to be the ultimate GT. Mission accomplished?

The sense of excess Ferrari F12Berlinetta

There are not that long ago, if you were driving a Ferrari 740 horses, you probably call it Michael Schumacher. But today, most need to be seven times Formula 1 world champion to taste this power level! It is “sufficient” to go to a Ferrari dealership with a check for nearly 275,000 euros, and you will leave with a F12berlinetta, or F12 for short, strong … 740 horses. This link between production models and competition, Ferrari has continued to grow over the years, through continuous quest for performance, but also through the adoption of technologies found in F1, as manettino or controlled differential E-Diff. A relationship that reached a new height with the F12, successor to the Ferrari 599 GTB.


Carved by wind Ferrari F12Berlinetta

This relationship began in style, Pininfarina, but largely dictated by the needs of aerodynamics. Thus, the hood dug guide the flow of air towards the sides through the “Aero Bridges”, openings on the wings, allowing to generate negative lift. In the front bumper, the brake cooling ducts open only if they rise too high temperature. As for the flat floor, it ends on a rear diffuser that for once is not only decorative. Result: without resorting to a massive rear wing, the Ferrari F12berlinetta boasts 123 kg of downforce at 200 km/h. The strongest is that it does so while maintaining a drag coefficient of only 0.299, despite extra-wide tires.
And, of course, without constraints in terms of style: the F12 is spectacular, even when she wears a black sober as our test model. The front is dominated by a wide grille, seems to devour the road. Optical stretched give the F12Berlinetta a look of wild beast. But despite the endless hood proportions and non-standard, the Ferrari also remains surprisingly compact: 4.62 meters long, 10 cm less than Aston Martin Vanquish and 16 less than a Lamborghini Aventador. Similarly, the width is relatively contained at 1.94 meter, so as to better adapt to the secondary road network. The rear fog lamp inherited from Formula 1 fits into the base of a T formed with round lights. The two twin tailpipes complete the posterior breathing power.


Trainers and three-piece suit Ferrari F12Berlinetta

This subtle blend of sportiness and elegance is reflected in the cockpit. Generously stretched leather and with lovely seats, he has finished in progress compared to the 599 and a safety in more than correct volume of 320 dm3. The driving position is easy to find, while the passenger enjoys a beautiful footrest in aluminum announcing her color! In the same vein, the F12berlinetta offers (optional at € 3229!) A screen facing the “co-pilot”, which tells him engaged, engine speed and instantaneous speed. Sensitive stomachs beware!
Driver, the instrumentation is dominated by the large yellow tachometer, the red zone begins at … 8700 rev/min! This dial is flanked by two LCD screens, one on the left is dedicated to engine and chassis information, while the right displays data from the infotainment system. As for driving, it is also typed F1 mean by that covered buttons! Since 458, all the main controls are there: turn signals, high beam, windscreen wipers and of course the now famous Manettino, which adapts all the driving aids to the road conditions .. . and at the driver’s skills. But I will.


Ferrari F12Berlinetta a magic V12!

For now, this is another button that interests me: the red which is inscribed “Engine Start”! Once the key inserted and the ignition on, simply press the switch to trigger the storm. The V12 snorts in a cavernous rumble the best effect. This is even more advanced version of the 6.3-liter inaugurated by the FF. Open to 65 degrees (another nod to F1!), It gets a direct injection propelling the fuel into the combustion chambers at a pressure of 200 bar. The maximum power of 740 hp is reached stratospheric regime of 8250 rev/min, while 80% of 690 Nm of torque available from 2500 rev/min. Suffice to say that most of the time, you will only use the first third of the race of the accelerator! The term “comfortable power reserve” held here an understatement.

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Refined manners and a fiery character Ferrari F12Berlinetta

In town and in traffic, the Ferrari F12 is surprisingly docile. The steering is ultra-soft, carbon-ceramic brakes do not generate feeling “sticky” to the pedal, the F1 dual-clutch transmission and 7 speed keeps the engine at low revs. The Italian did even shows an amazing comfort and quality soundproofing! But do not take much to upset this great beast: by turning clockwise Manettino and falling one or two gears using paddles, the F12Berlinetta becomes downright nasty. The mounted ultra-fast diet are punctuated by changes in lightning speed, while the speedometer panics. It will take nerves of steel to not end up in custody … and television news 20 hours – 0 to 100 km/h it is folded in 3.1 seconds. The bar of 200 km/h It exploded in 8.5 seconds! Max speed side, Ferrari limited to the claim “greater than 340 km/h.” At this level, it is true that there is no longer a few kilometers per hour near.


A frame height Ferrari F12Berlinetta

Surprisingly, the frame digests this avalanche of horses, despite his only two-wheel drive. We owe it to a new conception of the tubular lattice, using 12 different aluminum alloys in order to obtain the best compromise stiffness / mass. As for the engine, it remains installed in the center position before to optimize the weight distribution (54% rear). It should certainly to think twice before overwriting the right pedal on the first reports, but the car is easily tamed. I must say that the F12Berlinetta is making an impressive technological arsenal: the conventional stability control adds traction control F1-Trac, a controlled differential E-Diff third generation and a controlled magnetic damping. The set rule through Manettino. In “wet” (wet or slippery), the F12Berlinetta is a velvet paw. But as you select the higher modes, it shows the fangs, “Sport”, “Race”, “CT off” to the “ESC off”, leaving you only master of your 740 horses … risk! The front end is incisive, even knowing that a surprisingly large V12 is pressed. Depreciation is perfectly calibrated, and even offers a “bumpy road” mode to tame the most uneven surfaces. Braking, of course, is an unalterable endurance on the open road.


Not far from faultless …

Criticisms? They are minors. Management, very direct, may not be to everyone’s taste. The feeling in the brake pedal, nice casting conduct, paradoxically becomes more uncertain when we increase the pace. As for the sportcar seats, are very beautiful and comfortable at first, they eventually reveal some farms in the lower back. Finally, the flashing of steering wheel controls are not always very practical: we would sometimes have a Comodo classic. For the rest, it’s going pretty well, thank you!


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