KTM: triple news on four wheels

KTM: triple news on four wheels

When we think of the Austrian brand is obviously thinking (initially) to register two wheels … We change and we move on four rubbers for a triple news.

The crossbow (crossbow … X-Bow) Austrian remembers our good memories machine left there several months ago when the brand unveiled the limited edition Black Edition (originality when you hold us).

It is three news for the price of one in the middle of the July heat. First we learn that eight years after the assembly of the first unit in Graz, the threshold of thousand copies produced was reached, craft Volume self niche among its congeners genre.


Second, and not trivial to grab a few units, the CEO confirmed the introduction of the machine on the North American market from next year, USA and Canada in the spring of 2017.

A North American subsidiary will then be opened and a small selected dealer network (in partnership with Audi USA) distribute the toy geared for track days.

Third, finally, too small facelift for the X-Bow R between new vented hood, other air intakes, LED daytime running lights, new visual signature or revised front splitter.

And the mechanical and technical? No detailed precision, Austrian brand advancing only “minor changes”. Nothing so clear in terms of cavalry and 300 hp delivered by the previously known 2.0 TFSI Audi Genuine.


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