Posers, go away. The new Nissan GT-R is not for you

Posers, go away. The new Nissan GT-R is not for you

For the same price (99 900 euros), it is possible to offer the most prestigious models, emblazoned inherited from the automotive aristocracy and having a line probably more appealing. But aficionados of the GT-R know that its price is unbeatable sensations.

This little-known sport is for a small but faithful people, whom he did not escape the lack of notoriety does not stop to have a strong character or original ways. “We sell every year in Europe from 150 to 500 GT-R, a car that is bought for performance, not for the badge she wears,” said Bernard Loire, president of Nissan Europe. The first generation appeared in 1969 in Japan with the Skyline GT-R, but it took until 2009 to see this model, archetype of engineering car in the Japanese venture out of his homeland.


Category “fire pump”

The new version, the first copies will be delivered in September, no more than the previous vocation to play the divas. Its tapered shape are part of the current trend of Japanese and American manufacturers to rely on sharp, angular cuts. But they were mainly dictated by aerodynamic considerations. His profile, balanced, does not lack elegance. The GT-R is a fairly heavy car (1740 kg) and his rather unusual architecture: a cut four-wheel drive which places the gearbox was installed on the rear axle in order to free up space in the cockpit and preserve trunk capacity. This configuration requires, among other things, installing two transmission lines, but has the advantage of optimizing the weight distribution between the front and rear.

full of contrasts car, the Nissan responds to characteristics (3.8-liter V6 turbo developing 570 hp, chassis hyperrigide, uncapped top speed of 315 km / h) which fall into the category of “heat pumps” , naming trivial but certainly inspires respect for connoisseurs. Yet this sporty grip, the latest version gains 20 additional horsepower is never brutal. At the wheel, she seems set on rails and stability makes big impression.


Not really agile in hairpin turns, it delivers sovereign rushes on German motorways no speed limit where the Nissan test we did. Acceleration is very linear, perfectly measured by transmission and gearbox – that unusual thing, the driver intends to operate in his back. The camionnesque torque provides instant replays and braking assured by huge discs is up to the other performances.

For this new version of the GT-R, Nissan has treated the controlled suspensions that have gained comfort into a model that can be used daily. The presentation is also progressing, with a dashboard trimmed in leather and a modernized instrumentation (GPS despite the outdated mapping), while the driver is installed slightly higher position than usual on board a car of this class.


V6 assembled by hand

The sound of mechanics, of major concern to edge contemporary sports models – we must find a way to mitigate the inherent frustration Having 500 hp under the right foot but have to act as if an egg was placed under the accelerator pedal to avoid being surprised by a radar – appears quite disappointing. The switch on the steering column and whose function is to blackmail the tailpipes beyond 2500 revolutions is practically inoperative. Pourentendre vocalizations V6, you really have to jump the needle of the rev up and the window ajar.

However, the hood of the Nissan supercar can admire the careful presentation of the bowels of the beast, far from systematic encapsulation of mechanics which became the norm. By looking carefully, we can find a small plaque bearing the name of one of the five “takumis” ( “companions”) authorized to manually assemble the noble V6 GT-R.


In a country where sports cars are often viewed sideways, the discretion of the GT-R and its non-membership of a trademark slams can be considered an asset. And this car, which the French clientele is a little less old (45 years) than average, has the distinction of enjoying a good reputation among young people through his appearances in Gran Turismo, very popular video game from under 35 or not holders of driving licenses.

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