Small facelift for the Mazda 3

Small facelift for the Mazda 3

Arrive mid-career, the third generation of the “3” through the inevitable restyling box. Changes are made by tiny keys. First launched in Japan, the new Mazda compact arrive home late in the year.

The CX-3 and CX-5 accounted for nearly half of Mazda sales in Europe in the first half of 2016. A real plebiscite for SUVs … but the Japanese does not forget its most classic models Mazda. The evidence today with the presentation of the 3 restyled. Already available for order in Japan, the 2017 vintage 3 will arrive in our dealerships by year end.


As shown little comparison below, the exterior design changes more than it seems. This does not obvious, but the optics, grille and air intakes have been redesigned. The front does a little character. At the rear, most observers will have noticed the new bumper with an unpainted smaller part.

Inside, there is a new steering wheel, promised more ergonomic. The display head-up has been revised: it provides more information to avoid as much as possible the driver to leave the road ahead. The center armrest has been redesigned, and in its extension the cup-holders are now sheltered by a sliding cover.


New G-Vectoring Control system

Side equipment, note the presence of a new generation of emergency braking system in urban areas. Operating with a camera instead of a laser, it is active over a wide speed range and detects pedestrians. The new 3 will be equipped with adaptive LED headlamps with anti-glare function.

The list of engines will not change. Gasoline fans will have to choose between the small 100 hp 1.5 and 2.0 of 120 and 165 hp. For diesel, there will be the 150 hp 2.0 and the small 105 hp 1.5, which has just come under the hood of the Mazda 3, indicates that blocks fueled with diesel benefit from a more precise control of overeating to improve the responsiveness when accelerating.


There are still significant technical novelty. The restyled 3 will be the first Mazda equipped with the system “G-Vectoring Control”. This varies the engine’s torque to optimize the load on each wheel, with the greater handling precision and enhanced driving comfort key.

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