Test drive Jaguar F-Type S AWD 2016: pull it out, even in winter

Test drive Jaguar F-Type S AWD 2016: pull it out, even in winter

Since its unveiling in 2014, the Jaguar F-Type is a model that has attracted a crowd of admirers, especially on the side of the press. Consumers also seem to have welcomed the new roadster while Jaguar sales rose 16% in 2014 compared to 2013, thanks to the 457 F-Type has been sold last year.

The British manufacturer seems to enjoy this success. After presenting Jaguar F-Type a hardtop version simply sublime in design last year, Jaguar is back this year to the charge by offering the possibility to equip the F-Type 2016-four-wheel drive, in addition to offering a manual six-speed gearbox.

From first glance, these additions seem a little doubtful. First, everyone knows that the popularity of manual transmissions is plummeting. If Porsche reversed his decision not to offer its 911 Turbo with manual transmission, I might understand. But Jaguar cars are usually associated with an older clientele, one that is even less attracted gearboxes need to control yourself.

The Jaguar F-Type


This is by some against the F-Type changes the game. A genuine sports car, it has a dynamic personality that has nothing to do with its big sister, the XK, which is much more focused on comfort and quiet ride that the performance and on the racetrack. By adding the option of a manual, Jaguar reinforces this image. It’s fine, I understand.

Where the British manufacturer loses me is when he decides to offer its two-seat roadster with AWD. First, we add weight to all that is not good news for road behavior nor the clock during a lap. Then we fill a need that does not exist. Who would get his beautiful E-Type, with its canvas roof and ground clearance of exotic car in the mud in the middle of January?

Many people it seems. Well, maybe not in a storm, but the reality is that North American consumers prefer sports cars AWD. This is why the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (or 4S, or any other Porsche four-wheel drive) is so popular and why AMG versions of Mercedes-Benz now offers serial 4Matic system on the entire range except for some models. Even Ferrari has joined the party with the FF.


Understanding this fact, we realize that this is a smart decision for Jaguar. If the German manufacturers have shown us anything, it is that to offer several versions of the same model range is never a bad thing. With more choices for the menu of the F-Type, the car seems less artisanal, less “niche product”. There is one for every taste.

It is therefore with Jaguar F-Type S AWD 2016 I returned to the F-Type, one year after trying the entry level version last summer. The latter is powered by a 340 horsepower V6 engine. S My trial was in turn powered by the same V6 3.0-liter supercharged, but the power goes to 380 horsepower. There is also a purely demented R version that offers a supercharged V8 engine of 510 horsepower. Believe me, the V6 engine is sufficient. S version, the F-Type Convertible is perfectly balanced and the power is ideal. While the base model lacks any punch, the S version adds that little something in terms of performance.


A true listening experience Jaguar F-Type S

On paper, the Jaguar F-Type S AWD reaches 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds in the AWD model. This does not seem so impressive at first when compared with the competition, but I can assure you that we have the impression that it is much faster than that, simply because of its amazing engine. You have to get in the segment of exotic cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini, or maybe the side of AMG, to find an equivalent.

The deep and powerful sound of the engine, especially when you activate the Dynamic mode (the sportiest mode) in addition to activating the loudest fashion to the exhaust system, is indescribable. When the relationship is retrograde automatic gearbox with eight reports, the explosion from the two exhaust tailpipes positioned in the center of the rear bumper is enjoyable (R version has four tailpipes and sound is even more impressive). Ditto when accelerating out of corners.


The sound of the F-Type, like the XKR (or XKR-S) or the Range Rover Sport SVR is somewhat random. This is what makes its charm. Ride the regime quietly in second gear and release the accelerator, and you’ll each time a cacophony slightly different from the last. Believe me, all heads will turn. Besides, a quick note to say here that it really makes a statement in F-Type.

For those interested, a young woman literally cross in the middle of Sherbrooke Street when I was stopped at a traffic light to come and see it was the mark of the model. I found his presence in my rearview mirror a few seconds before she leaves, swaying to pass a “nice car! “. The car is rare, many believe that you have in hand any Italian worth the price of a luxury home.


An improved interior Jaguar F-Type S

With the imminent disappearance of the XK, the F-Type will become the flagship of the brand. It’s not the most expensive model, but it is certainly the most prominent. The F-type therefore had to be up to the expectations.

If the interior of the Jaguar XK starting to show its age, it’s just the opposite with the F-Type Convertible. The car features modern and especially ergonomic center console. The infotainment system is the same as found on almost all models Jaguar and Land Rover, but hey, it’s not so dramatic, and only journalists who try these models in the single file notice.

The seats provide ample lateral support and are comfortable in everyday life. In fact, the entire road behavior of the F-Type will appeal to those looking for a sports car that does not punish its occupants too passage of a degraded road. Yes the suspension is sometimes dry, but it’s not unbearable. To strut on a busy street of any city without getting too brew, the F-Type will be up.

Once reassembled the roof (an operation that is quickly up to 50 km/h), the silence inside is impressive. One has the impression of being in a luxury sedan, not a sports car with two seats. As car every day, the F-Type is an excellent choice if you can afford for a second car for the family travel, of course. Because the trunk is small, even for a roadster.


Jaguar F-Type S Four Wheel drive or not?

In equal driving four-wheel drive car will always have the advantage over a rear-wheel drive model with regard to stability and security. I have not noticed big differences in the handling. The F-Type AWD is still very powerful, and I must admit that having four wheels that can help in case of loss of control leads us to exploit more the performance of the beast.

The AWD is only available on the S model and requires additional expenses of $ 8,000 for a price before taxes and Preparation $99 500. This is almost $ 15,000 more than a Boxster GTS and $ 19,000 more than about Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG.

But none of these models can comfortably get outside in the winter, and none is so out that the Jaguar F-Type 2016 is a little more comfortable. The Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are against quicker than the Jag. You decide where your priorities are.



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