The first Chevrolet Bolt for carpooling

The first Chevrolet Bolt for carpooling

Unlike the Tesla Model 3, which made headlines because of the large number of pre-orders for the model following its unveiling, the Chevrolet Bolt will not be available in advance according to its manufacturer.

In fact, it could be that the first deliveries of the main rival to the Model 3 does not even go to consumers, but to the US company carpool Lyft. This at least that stated in Fortune publication in an article published earlier this week.

Chevrolet Bolt will be used to launch the Express Drive Lyft service, a competitor to Uber launched in 2012 and now available in 33 US states in addition to six countries in Asia.


The peculiarity of the Express Drive program is that it allows drivers to rent a cheap car through a partnership between General Motors and Lyft. Participants are then able to reduce their monthly payment even more by doing more to transport Lyft. For now, the vehicles offered are Chevrolet Equinox, but it appears that Bolt will be added at the time of its launch scheduled for the end of 2016.

For General Motors, the goal is obviously to get more visibility for its products through the partnership. In the distant future, the American manufacturer wants to replace vehicles in place by autonomous cars that will be used to transport the users of the service to Lyft.


Meanwhile, it seems that those who want to be part of the first Chevrolet Bolt owners will do through Lyft, at least in the United States. That said, the models will probably be quick to make their entrance at dealerships shortly after their arrival on the fleet of the company carpool.

With us, it would not be surprising to see Bolt fleet Taxi Teo, a carpooling service using only electric cars.

Chevrolet Bolt was unveiled for the first time as a concept at the International Exhibition of the Detroit Auto in 2015. Propelled by an electric motor powered by a battery of 60 kWh (according to preliminary specifications), the Bolt 2017 offer 200 horsepower, 266 lb-ft of torque and a range of 320 km for a price of $37 500 before discounts and preparation costs. The Canadian price has not been announced.

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