The legendary McLaren F1 could soon be reborn in 2018?

The legendary McLaren F1 could soon be reborn in 2018?

The legendary McLaren F1 supercar, disappeared in 1998, should be reborn as an even more powerful and luxurious form by 2018. It should adopt a V8 of 700 hp and also an amazing price!

Coach imagined the future McLaren F1, which should be released in 2018.


Nod to the past

Adopting a futuristic design, the future McLaren F1 created by the MSO division (McLaren Special Operations) will be limited to only 64 copies, as the previous generation. Another nod that fans will appreciate: the architecture three seats, with the driver placed centrally. An asset charm certainly, but also a good way for the brand to save some money since the supercar will be sold in all markets without requiring a steering wheel instead of change.

This future F1 is part of a plan for 15 new launches of 2022 vehicles for the British brand, which is doing quite well lately.


“Hyper GT”

Exit the original V12, the F1 generation will have a 3.8-liter V8 already met on several models in the range such as the P1 or the S 650, and should develop over 700 horsepower. She did not forget for all the comfort, with a list of equipment that should instead be provided and a passenger combining modernity and luxury, all accompanied by a set of custom luggage.

If no date has so far been announced, the McLaren F1 future should come before 2019, for a price of around two million euros. It could compete with circulation limited exceptions models like the Lamborghini Centenario.



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