Toyota GT86 2.0 D-4S 200 CH: return to sport

Toyota GT86 2.0 D-4S 200 CH: return to sport

Since the demise of the Celica in 2005, Toyota Europe range no longer had sports model. This gap is now filled with the arrival of the new GT-86 toy. First impressions positive driving on the Jarama circuit.

We are part of the privileged few that were invited by Toyota to try previewed the new GT-86. It must be said that marketing will not happen until June, a Toyota GT86 close price of 30,000 euros.

Good news for fans of the Japanese brand, which languished not find a temperament model catalog. The third world manufacturer had indeed concentrated on more family models and even environmentalists. Successively, the Toyota MR, Supra, Celica and others have faded, leaving the field open to competition.

For his comeback in the category, Toyota has partnered with Fuji Heavy Industries, which developed much of the project. Thus, chassis, running gear and transmissions have been entrusted to the care of Subaru, while Toyota has focused on style, but also on the development of the D-4S injection system.

Good surprise, the general design of the Toyota GT-86 is faithful to that of the Toyota FT-86 Concept I and FT-86 Concept II studies. The coupe Toyota also has the advantage of being particularly compact, since it measures only 4.24 meters long and 1,775 meters wide, when the Peugeot RCZ and Volkswagen Scirocco claiming respectively 4.29 and 4.26 meters long.



Particularly successful bow looks like a furious snake, just waiting to spit its venom. It is fun also be noted that the treatment of the front bumper is sportier than the Subaru BRZ. Seduction is also active profile, muscular wings and those with the alloy wheels of 17 inches, which, however, not entirely fill the wheel arches. Finally, the stern is not far behind with a spoiler actually quite discreet, diffuser and dual large-diameter exhaust outlet. Only the lights are missing in our personality.

Printing is also positive on board, with a typical board sports, unlike Scirocco RCZ and inspired by great diffusion model.

We like the small flying thick rim, the stitching and the bucket seats, which provide that little extra exclusivity with respect to competition. Still, the driving position very low, ideal on circuit, may be more problematic in urban areas.

Due to the brevity of this tutorial, we did not test the livability to the rear seats, which will in any case reserved for young children. However, the finish seemed to us rather than the other Toyota products. Finally, the trunk with a volume of 223 liters is enough for two trips.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the trial took place only on the Jarama (Spain), within a few laps.

The former course of the world championship of Formula 1 (1968-1981) is particularly demanding and lack of clearance involves performing some reconnaissance laps before turning the gas.



A quick starter and the 4-cylinder boxer 2.0-liter Subaru lets out a rather any sound especially far too discreet. Yet this type of architecture is known for its musicality. Pity. At the forefront of technology, thanks to a double direct and indirect injection (in order to promote the power without penalizing consumption), the 2.0 D-4S gets to choose a manual or an automatic 6-speed gearbox. In far too long tiering.

Indeed, despite the 200 hp, the times were exceptional. The timing of the transmission clearly promotes consumption and torque of 205 Nm is perched at 6,600 rev / min. So do not hesitate to play the lever frequently to boost Toy, whose mass is however less than 1200 kg. The Boxer nevertheless appreciates the high speeds and finally gives voice. Toyota also announced a top speed set at 230 km / h. The Jarama to stand straight line allowed us to hang a good 190 km / h.

also impossible to raise consumption. We therefore stick to the manufacturer’s figures, with an average of 6.9 l / 100 km in manual gearbox and CO2 emissions, which amounted to 160 gr / km.


EASE WHAT, Toyota GT86

After a few reconnaissance laps, we decided to up the pace, taking care to disconnect the VSC (stability control). Boasting an ideal distribution of masses (53% front and 47% rear), the Toyota GT-86 is incredibly easy. Its low weight and low center of gravity make it particularly easy to drive, even for refractory to propulsion.

Although relatively small, the direction is sufficiently precise and allows you to enter the front smooth and re-accelerate gradually, without fear that the rear axle slips away too suddenly.

Similarly, the braking proved sufficiently dimensioned for occasional track use. So, it takes insurance at every turn and the passages are continually faster. A delight. It was then that the organization Toyota brandishing the checkered flag, just when the conduct began to be exhilarating. Pity.

One thing is certain, this brief grip of the Toyota GT-86 made us want to take the wheel. And this time on the open road to gauge its potential in everyday driving.

Sold at around 30,000 euros, the Toyota GT-86 will be available in June in two trim levels. Standard equipment will include the CD / MP3 radio, color touch screen, USB (MP3 / iPod), Bluetooth, rearview camera and onboard computer. The top finish would add GPS and leather / alcantara.

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