Volkswagen Tiguan: long-wheelbase Tiguan in the US. Tiguan XL

Volkswagen Tiguan: long-wheelbase Tiguan in the US. Tiguan XL

Surprised on a US road, not camouflaged Volkswagen Tiguan LWB will be reserved for North American and Chinese markets. It retains its five seats but improves livability. For Europe, another lying Tiguan is expected to be capable of carrying seven passengers.

So what is this Volkswagen SUV unknown battalion thus circulates without camouflage in the US? It looks like the new Tiguan 2016 but its back is different, widened doors, rear quarter windows enlarged slightly flatter roof and cantilever more prominent.

This is actually a long-wheelbase Tiguan, a model that should not be marketed in Europe but restricted to Chinese and US markets, where the interior relies heavily for shoppers.


Similar ratings at Kodiaq

Surprised on the road by a reader of the site, which published the photos, what Volkswagen Tiguan LWB should be about 4.70 m long and a space between greater than 2.80 m axles. For longer than our European Tiguan dimensions (4.69 m and 2.68 m) but probably similar to the Skoda qu’affichera Kodiaq.

But unlike the Czech SUV, it will not propose to 7 seats configuration. In the US market or Chinese, it will probably be another big SUV, derived from the concept of CrossBlue 2013, which will be responsible for transporting larger families.

By cons, in Europe, a long wheelbase Tiguan and cantilever rear seats lying 7 is indeed expected. The American model of these spy shots is probably for him a good working basis. The question is how it will be positioned facing the Kodiaq.


Tiguan XL

One thing is acquired, as formalized at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan in 7 European places bear the name Tiguan XL. Our illustrator shock, Didier Ric, has imagined for you

volkswagen-tiguan-xl-04 volkswagen-tiguan-xl-05

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